Champions of the Cause

The Hinoman team comprises senior scientists, agronomists, food technologists, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs, caring citizens of this planet who produce a safe, wholesome nutritious green-leaf source.

Hinoman breeds, develops and cultivates the Mankai® plant, a proprietary nutrient-rich super-vegetable – grown using sustainable hydroponics. Mankai®  is the fruit of an 8-year R&D investment in domestication,  cultivation practices for scalable precision agriculture adjusted for year-round production.

Hinoman’s experts are leading the global food-security charge with a stellar product, and novel cultivation technology. Having scientifically proven that the Mankai® plant is a superior nutritional source with bioavailable capabilities, Hinoman is scaling production for global distribution.

Inspirational Ingenuity: Intellectual Property Assets

Mankai® plant ownership: Hinoman has the sole rights to this non-GMO bred strain, registered under the International Breeders’ Rights treaty.

Mankai® plant production know-how: The company was granted and pending patents for proprietary cultivation procedures, technology and production facilities, fertilization as well as food applications.

Founder & Advisor


Mr. Udi Elituv

Founder & Advisor>>

Udi Elituv is a co-founder of Hinoman. He recognized the potential of Mankai® to become a novel food. He serves in a consulting capacity on sustainability and innovative technologies.

Managment Team


Mr. Ron Salpeter

Chief Executive Officer>>

Ron is an entrepreneur and lawyer with over 30 years of cross-border experience in business, investment banking and international law, including 5 years in Asia. Hinoman is the second startup for which he has served as CEO.

Mr. Zohar Frenkel

Deputy Chief Executive Officer>>

Zohar has over 25 years of experience in operations, business and R&D management. Zohar held the positions of CEO and/or Operations Manager at several companies in the pharmaceutical, food and consumer goods industries. In those positions (with Teva Pharmaceuticals, Einat Food Industries), he led the organizations to achieve challenging business, R&D and operational goals. Zohar holds a BSc in industrial engineering from Ben-Gurion University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.x

Mr. Yehuda Gur

VP, Strategy & Chief of Staff>>

Yehuda has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, leading the execution of strategic plans, and as a senior executive in large corporations. Yehuda managed the strategic consulting practice of PwC Israel, directed the strategic change unit in Israel’s largest bank and was EVP of Strategic Projects and RM for Israel’s largest food conglomerate.x

Mr. Oren Shani

Chief Operating Officer>>

Oren has over 20 years of operations experience, mostly in managerial positions in high growth organizations, serving as Operations Manager, COO and CEO. He recently served as CEO of a cosmetics company in India.

Ms. Efrat Kreiner Efrat

Chief Marketing Officer>>

Efrat specializes in the health and nutrition industry, with 15 years of sales and project experience, including 6 years in Singapore and Malaysia. She also served as an ad agency Account Executive, supporting 3 of Israel’s leading food companies.

Dr. Miri Lapidot

Chief Scientific Officer>>

Dr. Lapidot earned her PhD in life sciences, specializing in plant and algal molecular genetics. She has over 20 years of experience in academic research in molecular and genetic manipulation, and in directing R&D in ag-biotech startups. She has extensive experience in algal biotechnology, renewable energy and plant trait manipulations.

Mr. Uri Birenberg

Chief Financial Officer>>

Over 20 years of Financial executive experience as CFO, VP Finance, Financial Controller and Auditor of public (“RDCM”, “SEDO”, “ORA”) and private Companies (SunGard, Indigo HP, E&Y)
wealth of knowledge in IPO’s, Fund Raising, IR&PR , Strategic business analysis, budget planning and control, accounting, and taxation issues.

Advisory Board

Prof. Marvin Edelman

Biology Advisor
Prof. Edelman is Professor Emeritus at the Weizmann Institute’s Plant and Environmental Sciences Department. He has 35 years’ experience in the field and is the inventor who holds one of the first lemna plant commercialisation patents.

Prof. Ioav Cabantchik

Scientific Advisor
Prof. Cabantchik is Professor Emeritus at Hebrew University, Jerusalem; President-Elect of the International BioIron Society; a worldwide authority on iron metabolism and iron disorders and Former Chair of the Life Science Institute at Hebrew University.

Mr. Zeev Paikowsky

Food Technology Systems
Innovation & Regulation Advisor
Zeev is the Chief Scientist at Tnuva Group (Israel’s largest food conglomerate), which is a subsidiary of Chinese food giant, Bright Foods.

Mr. Yaacov Mansdorf

Water Engineering Expert
Yaakov has earned his reputation as a global leader in water desalination engineering; he oversees and develops engineering plans for many of the world’s largest desalination plants.

Scientific Collaboration Partnership

In addition to advisory board support, Hinoman maintains a broad collaboration agreement with the Weizmann Institute of Science,
a world-renowned multidisciplinary research institution.

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