Proteins were once again top of the news this week as Hinoman announced a system that enables producers to grow vegetable protein in an eco-friendly system and fruit protein was tipped as one future protein source to watch. Hydrosol made fermented whey desserts possible and microbiologists discovered a new type of probiotic dairy or food thickener.

In the week in which Barry Callebaut appointed a new CEO, the company also signed an agreement to acquire American Almond Products. Doehler announced the acquisition of Molda to strengthen their role in dry fruit ingredients. Further acquisitions did not run so smoothly, however. Syngenta rejected a second proposal by Monsanto and a deal to buy Diageo was ruled out.

Sugar and sodium reduction remains on trend. Coca Cola Enterprises announced plans to cut calories across its full portfolio by 10% by 2020. The New York City Health Department proposed to label fast food items that are deemed to contain too much sodium. This trend is not limited to the human food space, with rising levels of health claims also reported in the pet foods market.